Hills and Stuff

Normally I do speed work on Tuesdays, however this past Tuesday I was rather ill so I took a break. I’ll touch on being sick and juggling your training schedule in another post in the future.

My other weekday run is on Thursday’s so today I shook things up a bit.

One solid safety tip for someone who is out running a lot is to change your route often. This keeps you from become a predictable target for potential muggers and what have you. Plus it can keep things from getting boring!

So today I set out with only the intention to run for 30 minutes. This just makes sure I’m out moving and focusing more on my ability than x miles. To change up my route I decided to randomly follow the stops signs to have a safe passage to wherever the road would take me.

Well I live at the foothills of some rather large hills that someone from a flat area like myself might still call mountains. But apparently these are still “hills”. And the road took me to these “hills”.

img_0549Hills that to me, looked like that ^. Wait, we need the dramatic effect…




I took this photo of the actual hill on my return down it’s awful self but this picture just does not do it justice…


This is from a realator in the area… HILLS!

Yeah, yeah, it’s not that bad. But let’s use this as an opportunity to talk a favorite speed training method of mine. HILL training! So hill training is a fairly simple way to add some speed to your step. It not only works your muscles in a different way,  but it forces you to push yourself harder which includes your breathing technique. It’s a pretty simple exercise that can be done on a little highway overpass (that is safe for a pedestrian of course), using incline on a treadmill, or if you live in hell like I do just use your neighborhood that you have no escape from so every day is hill day *softly cries in the corner*… What you want to do is run up the hill, walk down the hill to recover, repeat. Do this about 4 times if you’re newer to the idea keeping how you feel in mind. You don’t want to hurt yourself or get too winded. Simple! **I am not a doctor, do not take my personal opinions as medical basis. Always talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness program**

My favorite way to do hill repeats is to run up one long block, walk a block over, run down the parallel long block, walk back to my starting point, and then repeat making a large rectangle. I feel like this gives me the benefits of both uphill and downhill training. Each method uses different body mechanics and the LA Marathon is very hilly so I prefer to feel fully prepared.

Today’s wall…er…hill was the steepest I’ve tackled. It was about 200 feet in a half mile span so that’s a 7.6% grade change which maybe it’s not much to many of my seasoned brethren but to me that was bananas. I had to take more walk breaks than I wanted but I could tell I was too winded at certain points to keep up my sprint. Always better to be safe than sorry especially when you’re out alone. Except I technically wasn’t alone because those hills house the super rich of our neighborhood and someone totally came outside to see what I was doing as I took some photos. I’m sorry dude but I’m up here cause it’s peaceful, I’m being suuuperrr respectful with my watch on silent, and the view from your mansion is freaking spectacular and you damn well know it. I saw him staring at me so I gave a big snaggel tooth grin and waved like a fool and he turned back around. ‘That’s right! You run away from my 5’5″  female frame self! I might just make you listen to my Madam Butterfly playlist on this beautiful morning! Yeah I climbed your stupid nice hill! I’m so tough! Grrr!’.

And thus from there I took the run back down to our “slums” of overpriced apartments, gastro pubs, and private catholic schools where said super rich take their kids. Pfft.

Today’s tips: Keep your routes fresh. Listen to your body. If you’re looking for ways to run faster try some HILLS!


DISTNACE : 2.6 Miles

ELAPSED TIME : 00:34:00



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