Week 8 : 10 Miles

What a fantastic day for a run!

Today was week 8 of the LA Leggers training for this season and today was the group’s first double digit run! I was excited for a few different reasons, some admittedly selfish. Since we ran double digits we got an earlier start than usual which I loooove, and I had been a little bored with the distance so far this season if I’m being honest. But mostly I was excited because I knew that some in our group had never made the jump to ten miles. I was there once, as all of us distance runners have been. The distance sounds so large and mysterious when you’re new. It’s a turning point I think, and I was excited to share this accomplishment with people today.

The weather was perfect the entire morning and never really broke out to be as bad as last week. The pace was pretty even throughout and I took the back “sweeper” position today so I could focus more on keeping everyone safe and happy. I even busted out my donut print Sparkle Athletic skirt to keep things light and fun. The Leggers provided a water station at mile 8.5 with tons of goodies and good spirits.

Everyone was rather happy at the end of the run so I’m feeling really positive about bringing them up in their mileage over the next few months!

Plus as an added bonus my legs feel great, which tells me I’m only getting stronger. Woohoo!



MOVING TIME : 02:24:46



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