Product review! Sparkle Athletic skirt!!

If I haven’t made this point yet, I’m a lady Runner. O la la. So occasionally I like to wear “lady” things like skirts. (Side note: everyone should try a running skirt, even men.)

When I went to my fourth Disney expo I finally saw a skirt worthy of my purchase.

Behold the donut skirt!


This tastey beauty is the work of Sparkle Athletic. And let me tell you it’s VERY affordable next to the competition.

Aside from running im also a cosplayer which means I need to have mad sewing skills. And I do. And I’ve made my own skirts for past runs. But if we’re being honest, your typical “Sparkle” disco like fabric is really a pain in the ass to work with due its high amount of adhesive. And sewing Athletic wear is a whole other challenge. But all that said I can be kinda cheap when it comes to spending on things “I can totally make myself”.

Donut skirt I could not make myself. Donut skirt is better than what I can do. Donut skirt is comfortable. It swishes just right. It sits just right on my hips. It sparkles. It’s pink. ITS COVERED IN DONUTS YOU GUYS!

I first wore this skirt at the Disneyland half which I know shame on me for breaking the nothing new on race day rule. But this skirt didn’t need the rule. This skirt was a fun conversation starter. Shoot even someone from the Sparkle Athletic team on the course shouted “Donut give up!”. I mean holy shit. Yes.

All hail donut skirt. 

Post race it was washed with my other gym gear and hung to dry. It passed the wash test as I don’t see any fraying or seams splitting or unraveling. I then wore it again yesterday for our 10 mile training run to keep spirits high because donuts and sparkles, and again more compliments and incredible comfort.

Now the only gripe I can see from consumers is that these do not come with shorts. The competitors do, but the competitors are far more pricey. I’d rather pair a cute skirt with my favorite trusted compression shorts than take a gamble on a new brand of shorts honestly.

Sparkle Athletic knows what they are doing and I will be purchasing more skirts from them in the near future. In fact if they would make a beer print I would like that ASAP for my pub runs…


Sparkle Athletic store

Direct link to donut skirt because you know you want it!


2 thoughts on “Product review! Sparkle Athletic skirt!!

  1. I would totally rock a running skirt 😉 But if you’re wearing compression shorts underneath the skirt, is it really just working a cover for the butt hugging shorts? It’s “women’s clothes” so I’m sure it doesn’t have anything convenient like pockets or anything.


    1. It is more of a cover for whatever you wear underneath. That could be anything from just undies to leggings, which makes them versatile outside of just running. They’d be adorable for ice skating now that I’m thinking about it.

      They do not have pockets, but because it’s so thin it doesn’t get too thick layering them with a flip belt.

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