Running on the Honeymoon

Oh man! I have neglected thee, blog!

Recently I found myself in the full throws of preparing for my wedding, and I admit my blog slipped by in that bustle and bustle. But training never stops! It may…slow down some… but it doesn’t stop!!

I found myself packing for the wedding and honeymoon and then signing up for a 5k while we would be out on our trip to paradise. Because addiction to running runs deep. Since I’ve missed a lot of run reports from Leggers lets jump into a race report from my honeymoon 5k.

That 5K was called “Creepy Crawl Fun Run” and was in Honolulu, HI! It was the only one on the Island of Oahu that I could find during our trip and I was a little wishy washy on signing up originally. “Would I feel like going?” “Cab fare is like $50!” “It’s pretty small…” “Is there a medal?”

Answers: I was on the fence about going, but we figured we might explore Diamondhead after or something so why not.

The Cab ride was kind of hilarious. See, the race was a Halloween themed race and costumes were expected. I decided I wouldn’t be needing my wedding dress again, and part of it was already cut off after taking wedding photos (another story) so I decided to wear that. Yeah my costume was “runaway bride” whomp whomp… In order to get the dress to the race we shoved it in a brown bag and called a cab. There was some miscommunication and the cab driver thought we were on our way to get married at that moment. Me in my compression shorts and dress in a bag, my husband in his Sriracha T-shirt.. So the cab driver congratulated us several times and put on his “wedding mix” as he drove us to our destination. My husband fell asleep and I was silent staring out the window at the sunrise kind of hungover.. kind of grumpy looking at the meter price rise. And then the cab stopped and he said we were at our location. We were at a chapel! He didn’t enter the address I gave him and drove us to the nearest chapel to the park where the race was!! OMG! He must have thought we were the MOST depressing couple about the get married! After some explaining her turned around and we found the start line. He was so confused that my husband stayed behind to explain it further when I went to check in and get my bib. Turns out we got a discount because the cabbie was so embarrassed. I mean I gave him the proper address he just didn’t listen…

Check in was a breeze and the race directors were very friendly. It was a small turnout. I’d say maybe 50 runners? There were a lot of kids and the directors did a really good job of having crafts for the kids and candy at trick or treating stops along the route.

The route itself was a one mile loop that runners could choose to do 2 or 3 laps. Each lap took you from the start through an open field, along the water’s edge on a packed path, through some red mud/clay, past some softball fields and tennis courts, and back again. I got a few laughs and sideways looks from people seeing a gal hold up a full on wedding gown jogging around. Thankfully there were others around me in costume to tip off what was up since my bib was all scrunched in my dress. But the few times I was alone there were some people were looking around for a wedding party that I bust out from. Segway! I do have to give a shout out to the fellow runners. Everyone was incredibly friendly and I met a super sweet lady and her son from Canada there who were also on vacation.

The use of GPS watches or apps was forbidden as this race had a neat twist. Runners had to guess their finish time and write it down on a Popsicle stick prior to the race. Those that guessed closest to their times would be the “place” winners. I took into account the giant dress I was wearing and that I had been drinking tropical cocktails for about 9 days so far and gave myself a handicap of finishing 3 laps at 00:36:12. Well my friends, I was 15 seconds off (on the slow side) and that snagged me third place!!! All of my training and practice runs really have made me a wiser runner. I could not have guessed and kept pace with my guess so well sans watch without having been such a diligent trainer who understands her body and her abilities. We will always have days where our runs are off but if we can put in the hours of training we can push through to the best of our ability. And to be honest I was cramping like crazy the entire run and had to walk about 1/4 of the time which I “forecast” as well.

For my placing prize I was allowed to pick from a table of goodies. There was champagne but I honestly was 3 bottles down on the trip so far and I don’t even like the stuff. I actually went with some candy coated peanuts. I’m mildly sensitive to peanuts and probably should have gone with the AMC gift cards since apparently they don’t have AMC in Oahu but I like food. A lot.

The race did have a costume contest but it went mostly to the kids, as it really should.

Sadly no medals. They did have shirts but those didn’t say Honolulu, HI so I felt a little bummed. But what wording the shirt lacked it made up in comfort. This is like the best quality race shirt I’ve ever gotten. It makes me want to nap.

Overall cute local race that I’m glad I did. I obviously might not be returning cause that’s quite the trip to make. But should you find yourself in Honolulu in late October look this one up! The organizers were the group  Tropical Triple Crown (not sure if website is up to date) and they appear to have other races throughout the year in Oahu.



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