Know Thyself

Last week I rejoined my wonderful LA Legger family after taking some time off to let my hamstring issue heal over.

Well, first, I went to the track on Tuesday to do some “light jogging” which turned into a pyramid workout because I was a bit out of shape and wanted the walk breaks. Which then turned into a tempo style training where I booked it on my last 400 meters. But it’s not my fault! There were people running actual laps around me and making eye contact and here I was wearing a “Run!” T-shirt all walking and I just had to show them I was worthy. Right? RIGHT?! Wrong. They didn’t even notice me and I re-ouched my hammy. Stupid ego…

Leggers on Saturday were set to do 18 miles, and I was eager to join them again and do a nice delicious long run. I took up the back knowing I wasn’t 100% and was with some other mentors who were either injured, sick, or not training for a full. We were quite the group 😛

Those who run with groups will tell you that it’s not just an accountability thing, but a family thing. It was great to see the familiar faces and catch back up on life. We had a bit of a good bitch session in the back and with all the stress of the holidays, I think we all needed to kind of let it out away from the families.

Unfortunately the three of us in the back at the second water station had to stop at 7 miles. My hamstring had started to ache just enough to be noticeable around 5.5 miles and while I mentally wanted to do the 18 miles, I didn’t want to set my training back to zero. It was a hard call to make because I felt like by not doing the millage I woke up to do I was failing my goals. After getting a nap and stretching I’m really glad I stopped because while I’m still a little achy I seem to be recovering well.

The next two weeks are both 9 miles and then we jump up to 20 and I have some races coming up! I need to heal up to finish strong!

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” – Confucius


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