Pub Run!!

If you’ve been reading any of my blog you might have picked up on a few things about me thus far.

  1. I like to run
  2. I really care about safety
  3. I love beer

Beer seems to be a common thing at many finish lines. It’s bitter sweetness in a frosty can, “refueling” your carbs. A victory drink for those dumb enough to wake up stupid early to run for fun. Ah, beer.

So wouldn’t it make absolute sense that pub runs are a thing? I’m so glad they are.

I recently found myself trying to rope someone in for a pub run and their response was “Wouldn’t it be hard to run drunk”? I unfortunately can answer that – YES! (I was at a function and had two beers before I had to go to training and ran to training [because safety and don’t drive drunk, folks] and it was the wooooorssstt training I’ve ever had). BUT the pub runs I attend are drinking AFTER the run, not during or before. Albeit a few months ago on their anniversary they did do a pub crawl but I didn’t drink until the last bar which was 3 blocks from my house.

The pub run I try to attend is with my local running store Fleet Feet Burbank. There’s a core group of hardcore people and the fringe of us who seem to come when our schedules allow. It’s a shame I can’t go more often but my work schedule can be hectic. But it’s kind of like Cheers in that you can show up after some time, and people welcome you back like an old friend even if you’ve never really spoken before. I’ll admit I had been shy in the past when I was more new and was much less confident in my ability to wiggle my legs. But the more you get to know fellow runners the more you can tell that even if they can run circles around you, most runners are pretty great folks who just like the sport.

Last night the group was kinda small and when we took off I felt great. My hamstring wasn’t barking as bad and I was pacing well until – cramps. Ugh. First my normal side stitch started off. Then my stomach started to cramp. I slowed. I tried to run but I must have looked like an injured gazelle on the plains. I watched as everyone passed me by. “Nooo” I whispered in despair. Tried to speed up again and it hurt more. “Noooo” again to myself. I hobbled past the houses and on to the running path we take. I saw the group blinking (so much night gear <3) their way up to the light to cross. “I can make it! If I just breathe deep I can work this out. Come one Goodbread! You got this!! Just make the light!!!”. The light changed and they crossed. Me still struggling about a tenth mile behind. One of the runners who looped back passed and told me “Good job!” because again runners are great people. “Nooo–ah, eff it. I’m not waiting 5 minutes for that light”. So I turned around at the light and made my own path. I couldn’t settle on just a single mile! I did a loop around the block until I hit 2.25 and was at the bar where everyone meets up. I wanted to do more. I wanted the conversation time but my body was not into it. In hindsight I should have had my Nuun before the run and not fizzy water*… (See also: running after drinking beer – carbonation)

But the cool thing about this group is when I met up with folks at the bar and we talked about how our run went, no one turned their nose up at my lack of mileage. Because these people are just that freaking nice. We talked about past and upcoming races. Talked about gear. Talked about work, the holidays, really anything. And it’s just so great to have a local spot that fosters this great community. I’m hoping to make their coffee run this weekend in place of my Leggers group while I still let my Hamstring chill. And maybe one day I’ll actually see about mentoring for them after I finish this season mentoring for the Leggers.

If you have a local running store I strongly urge you to not only swing by to get fitted well for shoes, but to also see if they hold events that you can check out!

And yes, the beer was delicious.


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